Eco - village and center
of Indian Culture
  Volunteer at  
Somogy county, Hungary
All year round
Organic farm / Hospitality / Animals / Yoga / Community / Spiritual 
2 weeks - 3 months
2 weeks - 3 months
6-7 hours / 6 days
About the project
We are the biggest eco-village not only in Hungary, but in the whole of Europe. From the very beginning of the project we have always strived to become self-sustainable through hard work, social development and by using traditional technologies. In our 266 hectare property we have bio-gardens which provide us with vegetables and fruit, and also a cellar which goes a long way in helping us be more self-sustainable in the cold winter months. We use traditional storage and conservation as well as dehydration methods to preserve our products without any artificial preservatives.

Our Cow Protection Centre is the home of herd of cows, which includes Hungarian Tarkas, Tiroli Borzderes and an Indian Zebu.

Our farm community provides a practical lifestyle, offering freedom with a beautiful and peaceful future.
What help we need


- Description: Help in our vegetable field and large crop fields.
- Requirements: Good physical health, ability to work outdoors, ability to work under various weather conditions.
- Availability: Every year from April until September.


- Description: Help with maintaining our flower gardens and fruit trees as well as harvesting fruits.
- Requirements: For the fruit orchard we only accept volunteers that can come for three months. Reliable workers, good physical health, ability to work outdoors, ability to work under various weather conditions, ability to withstand hard physical work for many hours.
- Availability: Fruit orchard – March until October. Flower gardens – June until August.а


- Description: This service involves helping in the preparation and serving of food in our restaurant.
- Requirements: Ability to work in a kitchen, helping with cutting vegetables and preparing meals and helping with serving clients. Being a vegetarian is a plus.
- Availability: Every year from May until October.


- Description: This service involves helping with cleaning rooms as well as helping in the guest house’s restaurant (preparing and serving of food).
- Requirements: Eye for detail, ability to clean, ability to maintain cleanliness, ability to work in a kitchen environment.
- Availability: Every year from May until October.


- Description: All kind of help with cows and keeping the cow shed and milk production.
- Requirements: love to animals, interest for farming and taking care of cows. not being afraid of "dirty work". Cows are really kind and lovely animals will become your real friends ;)
- Availability: all year round
Here is what you gain in exchange for your help

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