Visa and fees
Registration fee
We have registration fee of 6 000 Rubles or 70 USD  for each volunteer who wants to participate in Vhelp project.

By paying us the fee you:
- Become a Vhelp member and get 'specials' from us ;)
- Support us an NGO
- Help to provide free food and free accomodation  for volunteers coming to Russia
- Donate to the social projects which we support
These are short most important points about participation in Vhelp projects:

- In the majority of projects volunteers cover the travel and visa expances by themselves.
- Some projects take additional fees to be paid directly to the project you are going to.
Visa support
For projects in Russia
If you need a visa to come to Russia we will be happy to assist you with getting a humanitarian visa. 
- Maximum stay is 90 Days (with chance to make double entry each for 90 days).
- It takes 2-3 months for the whole visa process
- We issue an invitation and you apply at your local Russian Embassy
- There are some governmental fees for issuing the invitation + it takes pretty much time for it so the assistance is not free.

Price for visa assistance: 150 USD
For projects in other countries
- We are not aware of all visa rules in each country for citizens of different countries, so please before applying to some project please check online visa regulations personally for you.

- Many projects are ready to supply with visa invitations , though it happens not always (if the project has a private or commercial status or they lost their trust to new volunteers issuing invitations ;) In this case you can come as tourist or other visa status.

- Always keep in mind time frames necessary to get a visa and plan your volunteering abroad in advance.