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Moscow or Magnitogorsk, Russia
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About the project
This project is a fit for those, who is fluent in English and likes to spend time with kids and teenagers. The main mission of this project - is to inspire kids to learn new languages, meet new cultures to start thinking outside the box and to dream big!

We organize special workshops in childcare centers, public schools and different open events. Volunteers meet Russian culture and also share about their native land, customs and language. We play games, make parties and try to make the educational process full of fun and inspiration, so creative thinkers are very welcome!
What help we need

Organize and participate in cultural events

We love to organize events dedicated to different cultures: with stories, special dishes, atmosphere and making friends! So become a part of it ;)

Teach English with informal education

We organize special events and classes at childrencare centers, public schools and other places to give some basic English knowledge as well as practiсe of talking to a real foreigner which is always a lack in a day to day English studying in Russia.

Do eco - workshops

Why not to combine English and ecology topics? Vhelp cares a lot about ecology and spreading the word of eco life-style today is a must. In workshops like this children practise their English as well as learn about ecology.
Here is what you gain in exchange for your help

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